The Charm – Review

c70ec-the2bcharm2bcoverThe Charm 

Author: Jojo Debrazza

Format: eBook

Genre: YA, YA dystopian, Urban Fantasy

Publisher: Musa Publishing, LLC

Rating: 4 Stars


Extraordinary powers come with a price.

Fifteen year old Luca has the charm, a gift he inherited from his mum. Charmers can control minds, but they abide by a code—to only use the power for good, and only with the person’s permission. Luca knows breaking the code is wrong, and his mum would kill him if he tried!

But when a rogue charmer uses the power for criminal means, the Restorative government jumps in. Luca’s mum is imprisoned and the Register for Charmers is announced. The media creates a frenzy of fear and suspicion against charmers.

Believing the family is in peril, and wishing to keep Luca’s gift a secret, Luca’s dad takes them to stay with a friend in the country. Here, Luca meets Fee, a computer genius who can hack into anything. Fee introduces Luca to an underground rebellion group of internet hackers who have their own issues with the Restoratives and their own way of protesting.

Fearful of how the Restoratives are treating his mum in prison and concerned about their motives for creating the Register of Charmers, Luca must make an impossible choice—break the rules and use his gift or stand by and watch as the power is abused.

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My Review:

The best part of THE CHARM? I could very easily see this becoming our future. The government controlling the internet, people afraid of what they don’t understand…yeah, it’s pretty much on its way already. In THE CHARM we follow Luca as he starts to realize that not everything is as it’s portrayed in the media.  And even people with the best intentions have to play along with the rebels to do what’s right. It’s enough to grab your interest and hold on. But I do have  a *big* problem…I wish this was a novel and not a novella!!! I feel like we miss out on so much because of all the jumps in the story. It’s still easy enough to follow, but the jumps had me wondering how things played out when we weren’t able to follow along. While this was a problem for me, it was my ONLY problem with this book, which is a pretty amazing feat for a debut YA author! The characters felt real and the world, while we have only seen a glimpse, feels well-developed. By the end of THE CHARM you know that this is just the beginning of something great. I can’t wait to explore the world Jojo Debrazza has created and get to know her characters more. I have a feeling I’m gonna love Fee…she seems like a girl after my own heart, purple hair included!


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