Giveaway Donations Needed!


I am already starting to plan my 1 year Blogiversary Celebration (which is in October) and I want to have a HUGE giveaway with a ton of bookish prizes. I know it’s a ways out, but I want this to be epic. I’m even considering a week long celebration! The only problem I’m having…is funds. I hate that I can’t buy all of the things I want to give to my awesome Librarians. If you are an author or fellow blogger and want to contribute to the prize packs please contact me! Prizes can be *anything* book related, it doesn’t have to be a book. The more that I have to give away, the more winners I will choose. It’s up to you how you want to handle donation shipping, I can send the winner(s) info to you and you can ship it direct to them or you can send the prizes directly to me and I will send them to the winner(s)-this option is best if you are sending multiple goodies as I will probably split them between contests.(shipping for eBooks will be the exception for obvious reasons.) Your name (and blog name, if you have one) will be included with a link to your site under the list of supporters no matter what you donate. I will be forever grateful! If you can’t donate but would still like to help, just sharing this post so others can see and my actually Blogiversary post (When it goes live in October) would help tons! Thank you!!!

***AUTHORS*** If I am a part of your street team, you will already be well represented in the prize packs, but I will welcome anything else you would like to add!

Thank you all for considering donating and for just being awesome. Email me using the contact form (here) to let me know if you are interested! I will accept donations until Oct. 1st and will continue to post in the hopes of getting more donations. I love being a part of this amazing community! You guys rock!


About MissPhyre

Hi! You can call me MissPhyre. I'm a Nanny by day and a reader by......well, always. I just recently got married and moved to a tiny apartment that barely holds all of my books. But that doesn't stop me from buying more! If I'm not working or reading (sometimes both) I can be found in my pillow fort binge watching Bones or Doctor Who. Popcorn is my one true junk food weakness...I would eat nothing but popcorn and mashed potatoes if I could get away with it!
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