McKenna’s Reading Corner – My first Review

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Hi! I’m McKenna and this is my Reading Corner where me and my Aunt Mimi get together to talk about books! This is my very first post, I hope you like it!

Here are some things about me:

  • I am 9 years old
  • I go to Country View Elementary
  • My favorite color is Green
  • I love the Denver Broncos…and the Steelers (even though Mimi doesn’t want to type that)
  • I want to be an artist and would rather draw than read but I love my Aunt Mimi so I want to help with her blog
  • My favorite book is Splat and the Cool School Trip

That also happens to be the book I am going to talk about today!

Splat and the Cool School Trip Splat and the Cool School Trip

Written by Rob Scotton

Illustrated by Rob Scotton

My Thoughts

Splat goes with his class on a field trip to the zoo. Splat is excited to see the penguins. They go to the zoo and see an elephant, giraffe and a monkey. But no penguins because the elephant jumped into the penguin pool and broke it. So the penguins had to stay in their house. But the mouse that scared the elephant felt bad because he wanted Splat to see the penguins. Then, the mouse told all the penguins to come out of thier house and to follow him to Splat’s house.

When Splat was trying to go to bed he heard a noise. He got out of bed and got a flashlight and went to the bathroom. When he opened the curtain he saw all the penguins from the zoo taking a bubble bath. Splat was so happy that he finally got to see the penguins.

I think all kids would like this book. My favorite part was when the mouse ran into the elephant and then the elephant jumped into the penguin pool. It was a pretty funny book. And the pictures were funny too.


About MissPhyre

Hi! You can call me MissPhyre. I'm a Nanny by day and a reader by......well, always. I just recently got married and moved to a tiny apartment that barely holds all of my books. But that doesn't stop me from buying more! If I'm not working or reading (sometimes both) I can be found in my pillow fort binge watching Bones or Doctor Who. Popcorn is my one true junk food weakness...I would eat nothing but popcorn and mashed potatoes if I could get away with it!
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2 Responses to McKenna’s Reading Corner – My first Review

  1. Wow, what a great review McKenna! I love seeing kids who have a passion for reading!

  2. Leigh Goff says:

    OMG- McKenna, I love what you’re doing with your aunt! Plus, you totally rock that T-shirt…Where can I get one?

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