2 Giveaways + Review – The Infinite Expanse by BC Powell


Hey Librarians, May the 4th be with you!!! Today I’m going to be talking about something that I am absolutely in love with…The Infinite Expanse by BC Powell! I am so lucky to be a part of this tour and I will definitely be talking about this series for a long time. Don’t forget to enter the giveaway at the bottom!

InfiniteExpanseThe Infinite Expanse (Book 2, The Journals of Krymzyn)

Author: BC Powell

Publication date: March 31, 2015

Genres: Fantasy, New Adult, Science Fiction

My Rating: 5 Stars


Evil lurks in the desolate Barrens of Krymzyn. For millions of Eras, predators with insatiable cravings have prowled the wasteland. When a traitor of the Delta enters their realm, the solitary beasts may finally have a leader to unite them.

As a new order emerges in the Barrens, Chase and Sash begin their lives together. While Chase fights to prove he belongs in Krymzyn, the power inside Sash flourishes in ways no one could have imagined. But a vengeance from the wasteland is soon unleashed upon them.

After Chase is trapped deep in the Barrens, his only escape is into the Infinite Expanse. Unaware of the deathly perils that take shape there, he may be lost forever. For Sash to return him from the endless wilderness, she’ll have to harness a mystical energy not seen since the beginning of time.

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My Thoughts of The Infinite Expanse

       I am so so happy that I have to chance to tell you guys about the stunning world that BC Powell has created within The Journals of Krymzyn series. When I ended book one, Krymzyn, I was more than unhappy with the ending (you can read my review {[here]}). But after I started reading The Infinite Expanse, I definitely started to feel better about how BC Powell decided to end Krymzyn.  I even upped by star rating, because I felt that it deserved the full 5 stars. I’m still not entirely happy with it, but I understand it better now and I feel like it was probably the best way for it to have ended.

       In The Infinite Expanse we get a lot of information about the world, about how the society works,  and the very…interesting family dynamic, which at times can make for a slow story. Now, that isn’t to say that it isn’t interesting. I was entirely engrossed with every little detail and just could not get enough. Even right now, I am itching to read book 3 because I need more Krymzyn! This is one of those series that, believe it or not, I’m going to compare to Harry Potter. If you read HP you understand that there are some really really slow parts of the story where not much is going on where you are just learning a lot about the world, but the story doesn’t feel slow. It’s the same with The Infinite Expanse.

       This is definitely a book that you will want to experience first hand. I’m not going to give anything away, as I feel this is a story you need to go into not knowing much about in order to really feel it. And you will definitely feel it. You will take your time, you will savor this story, and you will end up like me…..stuck in Krymzyn.

       I give The Infinite Expanse 5 stars for the amazingly real and unique world that just sucks you in and the characters that are just so darn hard not to fall in love with.

       I’m gonna take a second to brag here a bit…

When Krymzyn (Book 1, The Journals of Krymzyn) first came out, I was dying to read it! I didn’t get the chance to be a part of the tour for book one, but I did share some of the posts from that tour and got this tweet from BC Powell commenting on my profile pic at the time, where I had black hair with blue streaks. When I got that tweet, I was a little bit confused because I hadn’t read the books yet! But now, I think it’s totally brag worthy to-even jokingly-be compared to a Traveler of Krymzyn….by the creator of Krymzyn himself! Haha! Thanks BC Powell!!!

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Don’t forget about book 1, Krymzyn!


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About BC Powell

BCBC Powell is a fantasy author from Los Angeles, CA. His debut science fiction fantasy novel “Krymzyn” was published in October, 2014. “The Infinite Expanse”, the highly anticipated second book in “The Journals of Krymzyn” series, is scheduled for release on March 31, 2015.

Powell has a diverse background, having held several creative positions in the entertainment industry, including executive roles at ABC-TV and Technicolor. In recent years, he’s authored several non-fiction works, primarily educational books and training programs for trading the financial markets. He dual majored in journalism and philosophy at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas.

Writing fiction has been his lifelong passion and goal. “The Journals of Krymzyn” represents, in his words, “finally finding the story I want to tell with characters that are able to bring that story to life.” He’s an avid reader and lists Ernest Hemingway, Frank L. Herbert, Stephen King, Jane Austen, and Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. as his favorite authors.

Brad, as he prefers to go by in personal communication, lives with his longtime girlfriend, three sons from a previous marriage, and their rescue dog and cat. He enjoys hiking, ocean kayaking, spending time at Southern California beaches, movies, and reading.

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3 Responses to 2 Giveaways + Review – The Infinite Expanse by BC Powell

  1. Giselle says:

    Great review this sounds like a very well written book – especially the world building! Glad you like it! 🙂

  2. BC Powell says:

    HI Melissa . . . Thank you so much for reading and reviewing “The Infinite Expanse.” I’m really happy you enjoyed it and both flattered and humbled by your comments. I appreciate you taking part in the tour – and you would definitely make a great Traveler of Krymzyn!

    All my best . . . BC Powell

  3. Cheree Castellanos says:

    Great blog! These sound like a great world to get lost in. Just my kind of read 🙂

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