Riot of Storm and Smoke Cover Reveal and giveaway

I have been waiting to see this for forever! And it did not disappoint!!! I love it as much as the cover of Threats Of Sky and Sea 💙 They go perfect together! If you guys haven’t read ToSaS yet, I highly recommend it, especially if you liked the Grisha Trilogy!

Speaking Jenerally

Guys. You have no idea JUST HOW LONG I have waited to show this to you.

I mean, of course, you could probably guess that I’ve wanted to show it to you since I got it. You probably surmised that I’ve been eager before I even had a cover in hand. After all, my cover artist, Nathalia Suellen, is one brilliant lady. I knew she’d rock this cover just as much as she rocked the Threats of Sky and Seacover.

But guys. My face has been rocked off. I am faceless from Nathalia’s rocking of this cover.

And I’ve been waiting to show you since September.

Beautiful woman in white wedding dress

ISN’T IT GORGEOUS? You can add Riot of Storm and Smoke to your Goodreads shelves now.

And you can enter to win both RIOT and THREATS in paperback (when RIOT is printed;open to US/CA)

Visit Rafflecopter to enter the paperback giveaway

OR all…

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